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Hi, I've been struggling with OCD for years now but it went worse a few months ago after a nightmare, yeah it seems strange. Before, my OCD just told me to do some things like moving a pencil otherwise something bad will happen or checking doors etc, that kind of things, it was stressful but not as stressful as what it is now. In fact, my nightmare was about my mum dying and me freaking out about that, I woke up that morning and everything changed. My OCD became worse, all the things I have to check, all the things I have to do were about me or someone I care about dying, it became my worst nightmare and it was in my head all day, it still is. I won't enter in the details now about what my OCD tell me to do because it will be very long for one article, but that night changed my life and turned my OCD which were supportable into something I'm not able to handle as well anymore. Now, I have panic attacks, even in a middle of a class when my mum doesn't answer my texts f…


Bonjour à tous et soyez les bienvenus sur mon blog que vous soyez lien afin de chercher du réconfort, de vous informer ou si vous passez juste. Ce blog traitera principalement des Troubles Obsessionnels Compulsifs (TOC) sous une forme non médicale (je ne suis pas médecin), je suis juste ici pour montrer ma vision des choses, mon expérience et je ne prétends en aucun cas donner un avis médical, des structures sont là si vous recherchez ce soutien médical. En ce qui me concerne, j'ai 20 ans, je suis étudiante et c'est tout ce que je suis prête à partager de personnel pour le moment. N'hésitez surtout pas à me faire part de vos avis, de votre expérience, ce blog pourra même devenir associatif si d'autres personnes souhaitent partager leur expérience. Bonne lecture, xx

Hello everyone and welcome here!
This blog will be about OCD but I do not pretend to give any medical information or treatment, I'm just here to talk about my experience and hopefully about yours too if you wan…